A Cozy Snow Day In ❄️

Brrrr...it's finally cold enough to believe it's winter in Virginia. With the weather set to stay this way for the foreseeable future, we thought we'd share some of our favorite things that make staying home extra warm and cozy when it's nasty out (or so cold that the air hurts).


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There's nothing more satisfying than that first cup of coffee. I feel (and say) often that every sip of coffee in the early morning is salvation. Whether you use a keurig for quickness and ease, or Aeropress each cup for optimal flavor extraction, coffee is a must-do morning ritual in every home I know. Beyond the basic need for coffee, every person in my house has a favorite mug. Going for your favorite mug makes your morning coffee feel special, even if its the same coffee you always drink. All of my favorite cups are handmade, like the one above from Farmhouse Pottery, or the one shown below from R. Wood Pottery.  Although it's hard to quantify, there is something to be said for the unconscious familiarity of a hand made object. A hand thrown mug has the feel of the hands that made it, a weightiness that connects

R.Wood Mug; Mocha art compliments of Hunter at Grit Cafe, downtown

Need help with your morning brew? We have the book for you! W&P designs (you'll recognize that name as the publishing house behind the iconic Mason Shaker and related ephemera) recently released Brewhow to make better coffee at home.  This is your comprehensive guide to coffee, from the plant itself, to the various home methods of brewing coffee, with helpful tips all along the way. We've been pouring over it's pages since it arrived and changing our routines accordingly.  Need an example?  In my house, we use a french press.  I live with two chemists who make the french press grounds extra fine because, as anyone who has taken high school chemistry will know, smaller particles means more surface area for coffee extraction.  This often leads to sediment-loaded coffee, the last sip totally undrinkable. Brew helped me convince them that, for a french press, we need to do a medium grind (or get a finer screen...).



Nothing feels quite as cozy as a fuzzy blanket on a cold morning. Maybe a fuzzy blanket with a fuzzy dog? When temperatures are below freezing, a comforter and duvet won't cut it alone. You need to winterize your blanket game, and we think we have a few great options for doing just that, whether you need to add some texture to your couch or your bed.  This season we picked up a new line of throws, a New Zealand based company called Lands Down Under.  As you might expect from a country with more sheep than people, these throws are heavy on the natural fibers--think alpaca, wool, and mohair.  These top my list of dreamy winter purchases.  Not into the fuzz? We also have regular stock of Pom Pom Linens throw blankets, like the cable knit beauty at the bottom of this stack.

100% Mohair throws from Lands Down Under -- these really are *the* winter blanket. You'll want to bring this one from bed to couch and back again.
Assorted throws from Pom Pom Linens -- We stock a rotating cast of characters from this company and they never disappoint. We're currently lusting over that chunky cableknit at the bottom 😍 .

















Need more than just a cozy blanket? Get next-level cozy on snow days with cashmere lounge wear.  I can't think of anything more satisfying to wear than yummy cashmere.  This year we ordered cashmere robes for the first time and everyone at the store is lusting over them.  How luxurious, to wake up and start your morning routine wrapped in cashmere.

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When you stay home from work or school for a snow day, you need a good book.  We already told you about the coffee book, but we wanted to take a moment to also alert you to another book that we are all really excited about here at Roxie Daisy.  Design*Sponge founder Grace Bonney got together with 100 influential, creative women from all ages, races, backgrounds, and industries to create a book highlighting their successes, with stories and advice on how they overcame their struggles to create paths for themselves in business and art. This book is a serious dose of Girl Power that will fuel and inspire your creativity for the year to come.



No snow day is complete without a little cooking (and eating!) that you wouldn't otherwise get the chance to do.  It's the perfect time to delve into that cookbook you've been meaning to look at since Christmas, or get crazy with a recipe you never thought you'd try from your favorite cookbook. Right now, we're drooling over the recipes in Yvette van Boven's Homemade Winter. Inspired by her childhood in Ireland and her frequent sojourns in France, she has created a collection of recipes that will warm your heart and your belly.





We'd like to give a special thanks to Grit Coffee, downtown for the lattes seen above. 🙌

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