Gift Guide: Hostess

The holidays are full of gatherings, dinners, and events. We all strive to do it all and one thing that often falls to last minute panic is the hostess gift (or host gift🙇). We put together this list as a fail-safe go-to so you can avoid all that stress. We recommend stocking up on a few – plus we’ll wrap them for you, so you can grab them and go on your merry way 🎁

  1. 1. Farmhouse Pottery makes a beautiful gift for anyone – but these little match strikers are a special treat for someone you really want to thank. Matches included!
  2. 2. Hoos in the Kitchen is a brand new cookbook from a UVa alum who talked with faculty and staff to get their best recipes and cooking tips. This book is a great gift for anyone affiliated with UVa on your list.
  3. 3. Boy Smells candles are perfect for the trendsetter or edgy person you need to thank. The scents are unisex and wild, and the millennial pink packaging makes for a fun reveal.
  4. 4. Love is Love! Love is Love! Sir/Madam added their signature XL mug and a canvas tote with this phrase for this season and we could not be more excited to carry these items.
  5. 5. For the sophisticated party thrower, we have the whole line of LAFCO’s holiday candles. Winter Balsam is an ever-popular one, but they’ve added several new scents to the line this season, with updated, iridescent glass.
  6. 6. Ornaments – for anyone who loves the holidays, who goes all-out in their decorating, or who you immediately think of as “festive” – get them an ornament! We have five trees worth of really unique ones.
  7. 7. Tea towels are always appreciated. We have so many options, from cotton to linen to hemp, but we really like these graphic print ones from Sir/Madam because they do double time as clever wall hangings.
  8. 8. For the ice cream lover, a sophisticated scoop to make late-night snacking stylish (which means it didn't happen, right?)


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