An Extra Special Mother's Day Gift Guide

Ok, can we all agree on something? It’s been a truly beautiful spring so far in Charlottesville, am I right? And this month on the blog, we wanted to give a big S/O to spring and, just in time for Mother’s Day, clue you in on some fabulous spring gift ideas for Mom. We do gift guides relatively often here on the blog – we’re here to help 😉 – but this time, we’re shaking things up a bit. We asked our lovely team of ladies to each give a piece of advice handed down from their mothers, along with the item or items that they are eyeing in the shop to give as gifts. How better to honor mothers everywhere than to give you guys a little piece of our own mothers…so without further ado…

We begin with our fearless leader, Karen.

She said, “My mother always told me: Karen, it is just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor man…”

(…she has a point…)

She says her mom is easy to buy for--she’d love a stylish shirt from our clothing section, some avant-garde jewelry from Liz Hanson, or any one of our design books to peruse for inspiration. Here we show The Natural Home, by Hans Blomquist.

Up next, our second-in-command, a true southern belle, Elizabeth-Ann said her mom wasn’t the quotable type, but her best friend’s mom used to always tell them:

“Girls, smile! Wear lipstick! Look people in the eye, and be sweet!”

(bisous! bisous!) 

Elizabeth Ann is getting her mom a classic water pitcher from William Yeoward this year, but had a hard time choosing between that and the ceramic pitchers from Sir/Madam.

Asha has been part of the Roxie Daisy team on and off for a few years, but she’s been making a regular appearance in the shop lately. She said the greatest lesson her mom taught her was:

“always make sure you can depend on yourself, not on a man.”

(preach, mama!)

She would give her mom a piece of jewelry that she wouldn’t buy herself, like something from Colleen Mauer:

Sarah is a newer addition to the team, but already she is making herself at home (have y’all noticed our stellar new chalkboard art? that’s Sarah’s handiwork). She said her mom uses Vicks VapoRub to cure all sicknesses and ailments. Anytime she gets a cold, she can hear her mom saying,

“Do you have your Vicks? Always use Vicks when you get a cold…”

(solid advice👍)

She thinks her mom would really love a new gardening inspiration book, and a seed paper candle to plant in her garden:

Cary has been part of the Roxie Daisy team for almost two years and brings an other-worldliness that we have all come to love and appreciate. Cary is a mama herself to 6 year old Morin, and says the sage advice her mother gave her was,

 "whenever possible, lead with and listen to your intuition. It won't lie to you."

(yas. trust your gut, ladies!)

Cary's mom loved any and all kitchen-related gadgetry, and would have loved something like a funky, hand-carved collection of wooden spoons from Sir/Madam, or a beautiful new cookbook, like What Katie Ate, by Katie Quinn Davies (excerpt shown).

Many of you remember Liz, who used to be our store manager, until she became a mama herself almost a year ago (how time flies!!). She’s still with us digitally—she keeps our website looking fresh to death—and she says her mom always told her,

“loving and liking someone are two different things; you don’t have to like someone, but you still need to love them.”

(i think we could all stand to incorporate this advice into our psyches, especially lately…)

She said, if her Mom wasn’t so far away (they’re from Birmingham), she’d get her the John Derian picture book:

Another personality who used to spend a lot more time in the store, but now shows up primarily in digital form is yours truly. I (Jerrica) write these blogs and collaborate with Karen to bring you guys (hopefully) covetous social media content.  I almost didn't contribute personally to this blog because my dad was a single parent for most of my life, but on the eve of posting I am reminded of an early childhood memory of my mom, who would always wake my brother and I up cheerfully, singing softly:

"you gotta get up and get movin'! gotta get up and moooovin'!" 

and today, as an adult, I often hear this little ditty playing in my head throughout my morning routine, encouraging me to greet the day in a good mood, despite the morning grumps. Since it stuck with me, I decided to share.

And for my mom, she's pretty bohemian, so I'd love to give her one of the new tie dye scarves from Scarf Shop, or an earthy-scented candle from Tatine:

And last but not least, our merchandising visionary, Wendy. She isn’t with us often, but she’s a huge part of the Roxie Daisy experience and we couldn’t do it without her. She said that whenever she was upset, her mom would always tell her,

“this too shall pass…”

and today, when she gets upset, she always remembers that (or, at least, tries to...).

Wendy says she'd love to give her mom any of airy cotton pajamas we carry from Domi

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and reflect on the women who raised us, who shaped who we've become, and who continue to guide us, whether in person or in spirit. Mother’s always know best, and it’s their advice and teaching, whether direct or indirect, that often gets us through difficult times. Lets face it, adulting is hard, but at least there’s someone who went through it before us who can tell us to slow down, grab our Vicks, be kind, and never worry too much. Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas, step-mamas, grandmamas, and god-mamas, mamas in name and mamas in deed. You make the world go ‘round.


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