New Digs + New Neighbors

There’s a bumper sticker I see every now and then that says, “everything is subject to change, and everything is right on schedule.” My mind recalls all those lectures on thermodynamics, but this phrase is also a meditation, a mantra. A reminder that change will occur, and to swim against the proverbial current is only to create a problem where none exists.

Charlottesville changes more and more rapidly as time goes on. The Fifth Street Station and existence of Wegman’s still catches me off-guard, even as Quirk Charlottesville is breaking ground, and Stonefield sprawls ever further up Route 29.  The only constant is change, or something like that…

Many of you have made appearances at the shop in the last six weeks to experience first-hand all the work we put in (and to you we say thank you), but to those of you who haven’t been by yet, or haven’t heard, we've changed! We remodeled the store about six weeks ago. In this remodel, we reduced the size of the store by about half, such that it no longer wraps around in the familiar horse-shoe shape it has existed in for the last 7 years. The two sides were long ago separate businesses, but many years back the wall was opened and a business before our time created the old space you knew as Roxie Daisy. This corner of First and Water is our home—we love it so much—but after 7 years, our owner Karen was ready to curate and make the store a more mindful space. With the help of a dedicated and hard working team, we have done just that.

The real MVP of the whole thing was the contractor, John, who was provided to us by our building’s management company, but who could not have been kinder, more thoughtful, or more helpful – not to mention he did a kick ass job! We truly feel lucky that the universe brought him to us in a time when stress and anxiety were running high, but his Buddha attitude kept everything running smoothly and on schedule (everything is subject to change, and everything is right on schedule…).

Karen’s husband and son did most of the back-breaking moving and ladder climbing that we were afraid to do (…me…it was me that was afraid of ladders…😰). Our visual merchandiser, Wendy Umanoff, drove everyday from Richmond, worked very long hours with us, and her artistic vision got us from point A to point B and beyond when the rest of us couldn’t see through all the piles of mess and drywall dust to imagine what the store could look like. The Roxie Daisy girls put in so much effort and, I say this all the time in the store, but I will repeat it here because it is true – it was a labor of love.  It was hard. It was messy. It was perfect.

The store has a new energy. When you walk in, it feels both familiar and fresh. It is as if the store itself is sighing in relief, that it should have always been this way. It’s beautiful and concise and somehow, everything fit! We got rid of some larger display furniture during the sale, but we’ve made all the little nooks and crannies matter, so that we can still offer all your favorites – in fact, we’ve added several new lines to our roster that we can’t wait to introduce you to (shameless, but helpful plug: follow us on Instagram @roxiedaisyxo for real time updates of new offerings and restock notifications)!

And as for the question you’ve all been asking—literally everyday—since we announced that we would be remodeling: we are so, so pleased to tell you that our new neighbors will be Marie Bette café. They will be opening a second location to offer those delicious coffee, pastries, and treats you’ve come to love. The future of our little French inspired corner on First Street is so exciting, and we can’t wait for their official opening (slated for this fall)!

 Stop by to see our new digs, shop our new lines, and get inspired by the joy of change.

See you soon.


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