Thanksgiving & Beyond

We often write about ways to make your tabletop stand out, and we’re right at the time of year when most people start taking stock of what they have, and what they really need before the Thanksgiving cooking marathon begins. This year, we wanted to do something a little different, since our decorating tips from last year still hold. One integral component of any holiday table is The Serving Dish. The things foods sit in while hungry hands attack it. This month on the blog, we’re featuring Farmhouse Pottery to help you tackle the question, how many casserole dishes are too many (answer: no such thing). We only have one life to live, so why not live beautifully, with handmade pottery.

Farmhouse Pottery began as a husband/wife duo out of Woodstock, Vermont and has grown into a cult favorite among lovers of well made pottery, and a minimalist aesthetic alike. They follow old-world pottery making traditions, using simple tools and processes. Their stoneware recipe is proprietary—designed by them and only mined in the United States. Their core values are authenticity, honesty, and a the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. Today, Farmhouse employs many craftspeople and artisans in Woodstock, promoting respect for handmade goods and the idea that farm-to-table isn’t just a foodie trend, but rather a way of life.

We just got a huge shipment of bakeware and serveware from them in this week, just in time for your Thanksgiving (& beyond!) needs. We’re highlighting a few of our favorites here, but stop by the shop to see the full line.

James & Zoe, Farmhouse Pottery founders.
A peek inside the Farmhouse workshop; potters hard at work.
A modern take on an old-world classic, the yellowware pitcher is a beautiful option for serving cider, or as a flower vase in the center of your table.
Oh, cheese...a beautiful cheese board makes the perfect pre-meal appetizer, or the perfect after-meal dessert. Pick your poison.
Even the salad bowls make a statement with their simple beauty (and yes, we also have the salad servers to match).
A host of baking dishes are in stock, and even some of the pieces that aren't traditional baking dishes are still safe to put in the oven -- speaking of, all Farmhouse Pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe!
Deviled eggs are an easy dish to bring to Thanksgiving if you aren't hosting, and this board makes a beautiful presentation. When not showcasing this classic snack, you can put your farm fresh eggs in it to store in your refrigerator.
We also carry a collection of small kitchen necessities that are often overlooked until a meal like Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared. Trust us, you need these things.
You didn't think we'd forget pie did you? There is nothing better than a real homemade pie, and Thanksgiving is a time when pies abound.
And last, but not least, is perhaps the biggest job of all--clean up! These little babies are new this year, and we are super excited to introduce them to you. A pot scrubber with style, and a fabulous hostess gift for whomever is cooking for you this year.

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