The Great Escape

As we approach the summer solstice, the days are getting longer and hotter. Here in Charlottesville, that means a mass exodus to escape the oppressive humidity. It’s time for getaways, sneak-aways, and vacations! Many of us head to our coastlines of choice, some head overseas, and some head inland, exploring National Parks and monuments (while they still exist…).

But travel can be stressful, and no one should be stressed in the summertime! So we put together a list of our favorite get-away ready items in the shop to help you streamline your travel experience. Let’s start with the worst part: packing.

Packing can be tricky, especially for the ladies (S/O to the ladies 🙌). There are a couple of things you need. One important thing is, you need small bags with trust-worthy zippers. At least one for cosmetics and one for jewelry. For skin care and makeup, we recommend an option from Scents & Feel that comes lined with plastic to keep your cosmetics in, and everything else out (pro tip: that plastic lining makes a great barrier to sand for your phone, keys, sunscreen, and maybe a diaper or two at the beach). Fellas, this could work for you, too, and all of our color options are unisex.

For jewelry, we recommend using a travel jewelry case if you have one, but if not, we carry several leather brands that make beautiful small leather pouches perfect for this purpose. And, if you are traveling overseas, your passport is your lifeline. Protect that s***.

Another important travel item for the ladies: low-maintenance clothing! If you haven’t incorporated a few linen basics into your summer wardrobe yet, we highly recommend it. It breathes well, the more wrinkles it has the better it looks, and it's machine washable. You’ve got to try linen this summer.

Up next, the beach.

If the beach is your destination, our number one most recommended item is one that we don’t even carry: SUNSCREEN! Buy it. Use it. Use it frequently. Use it everywhere. Don’t stop using it. So what if you look like a splotchy vampire because it goes on whiter than paper.

Own that look. Be the splotchy vampire.

Once you’ve applied your sunscreen, the next most important thing at the beach (and really, anywhere) is hydration. Keep yourself hydrated. Hydrated people are happy people. We recommend a swell bottle, because it will surprise you how long it keeps water cold. And the great news is, you can buy two so that you can also take gin and tonics to the beach 🍹🍹

You also need an easy cover-up to throw on and off. We talked above about linen, and those linen pieces will work over-time for you as cover-ups, but we recently picked up a new line of airy cotton pieces from Loup Charmant that would make beautiful beach covers.

And last, but certainly not least, a proper towel. The worst thing is getting to the beach and finding you only have standard shower-sized towels available. You need a beach towel to sprawl out on. We have several options in stock right now, including these vintage style “reserved” towels from Sir/Madam, as well as our perennial fave Turkish towels from Scents & Feel.

Maybe you can’t take a full vacation, but you and your sweetie are planning a quick weekend trip, or a day hike and picnic. We dig that! We have tote bags that turn into picnic blankets, as well as several basket totes perfect for throwing in the car and going.

And that swell bottle? It’ll keep wine chilled too 😉

Our final piece of advice is something we’ve been promoting a lot lately, but only because we're so excited about it—sunglasses. Sunnies are something we wear year-round, but summertime is when they shine. Our new line of luxury sunglasses from Krewe du Optic are hand-made in New Orleans, come with a lifetime guarantee on all the hardware, and have style in spades. These babies have taken over our store and our brains – every one of us who works here owns and wears them. And we can’t say that about any other thing in the store. Cool sunglasses will make even a simple white tee shirt and denim shorts look like a million bucks. Stop buy the shop to choose your favorite frame <3

Where ever you are going, and whoever you are going with, we hope you see something you’ve never seen, explore something you thought you wouldn’t, and above all we hope you have fun!


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