The Spring Table

We wrote last fall about how to create an incredible fall/holiday table, and we wanted to update that post this month with tips on how to freshen your table game for spring. Our first piece of advice remains the same – start with a neutral base.

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We carry a lot of tablecloths that fit the “neutral” bill, but our owner Karen has a particular favorite. Before she even had a storefront here in Charlottesville, she knew she would have Transylvanian Images in her store. Their collection of hand-woven products are made from recycled, vintage fabrics that were woven a generation ago when the village women of Transylvania still produced everything they needed from bed linens to clothing, and the tradition of dowry was still wide-spread. Each piece is created from sustainable fibers and purchased directly from the female artisans that sew them, ensuring that the artisans themselves receive fair compensation. But these feel-good talking points aren’t even the best thing about this company. The product itself is incredible. The towels, cloths, and napkins break in and patina better than any others we carry (and that is a high bar). When you feel them in the store, they feel stiff and exfoliating, but one wash and they transform into the softest fabric ever. And that soft, natural look is the perfect base for any spring table, whether you prefer a whole tablecloth, or just a runner.

After you’ve mastered that neutral base, start building your spring table by adding in pops of color—brights or pastels; anything goes.

We’ve restocked many of our kitchen-linen mainstays, like Sir/Madam and Canvas Home in sweet spring shades, like the pink napkins shown above. Blush pink is Trendy (yes, that’s with a capital T) right now, and what better time than spring to try it out in your table rotation!

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Another tip that transcends seasons is adding in something green or natural, but where we encouraged you to choose moody center pieces, or seasonally appropriate evergreen stems as a decoration in the fall, for spring and summer, the goal is fresh, bright, and fragrant. Fresh flowers are an easy and abundant go-to, but simple pots of herbs, succulents, or even a bowl of colorful eggs can work. Make it as simple or as complicated as you like.

Also, don’t be afraid to use pieces that you purchased or acquired for your holiday table on your spring table – the thing about investing in beautiful table accessories is that they combine to bring your unique personality to the setting, regardless of when your dinner party is. Did you pick up some dark green placemats this Christmas that you just aren’t ready to quit? Use them! Add a daffodil bloom to the setting and your placemats will look like they were purchased specifically for the event.

For the holiday season, we recommended using candlelight whenever possible, but for spring and summer, we say get outside! At this time of year, everyone is anxious to get back outside. If you can’t get all the way outside, pull the curtains, open the windows, whatever it takes to get as much natural light as possible. The weather is breaking and the days are only getting longer and warmer, so before the Virginia summer rears her humid head, have your loved ones over for dinner. Put those linens to use, steeping them in memories that will outlast the seasons. Start to slow down and enjoy your time, your food, and your family, whomever or whatever that means to you.

And when the sun finally sets and evening settles in, light the candles and keep partying!


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    Love this blog. Thought you might like to know that the stonewash napkins you list show out of stock ;-) .

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