The Year 🐾f the Dog

This February will mark the transition from the year of the Rooster,
to the year of the Dog. The Dog in the chinese zodiac represents
loyalty, sincerity, and honesty. People born in these years are
thought to be communicative, serious, and responsible. You can take it
or leave it, but it inspired us to talk dogs (woof woof!) on the blog
this month.

At Roxie Daisy, we love dogs! We have a shop dog who is often in the
store, working hard to greet the customers.  Plus, we always welcome
furry visitors in the shop, but this month we wanted to take a moment
and introduce you to all our dogs at home — because, yes, we do all
have dogs.

To kick it all off, we have Jack. Jack is a 9 year old Golden who
belongs to Karen and her husband Jim.

"Jack loves his toys he plays with his toys all the time.  When we
come home from work in the evening he greets us with a toy.  He also
loves his dog beds!  Jack has not been a chewer, he doesn’t chew socks
or shoes, but when he gets a new dog bed he chews a small hole in the
fabric and that is it. The only thing that he did eat that he
shouldn’t have was an oven mitt.  Not a regular oven mitt, but a small
oven mitt from Japan that we sell at the store.  It was Thanksgiving a
year ago and I had put all the table linens and this one oven mitt on
the floor to throw in the wash.  The oven mitt had been used to remove
the turkey from the oven, so of course it smelled like turkey. I
walked in the kitchen as it was disappearing in his mouth. We had to
take him to the vet and the X-rays showed something small in his
stomach, but not an oven mitt.  We had to explain that this was a
Japanese oven mitt, that was half the size of a standard mitt."

They also have a young grandpup named Studley who isn’t yet one, but
they’re excited for him to complete puppy training so he can have
sleepovers with Jack.

Our newest staff member, Betsy just moved here last year with her
husband and her dog Cash.

"He loves his frisbee more than anything and lives for a good round of
fetch! He also may be almost 100 pounds but in his mind, he is the
size of a small Chihuahua. Sitting right next to you is never quite
enough, as he will always try to climb up into your lap and cover you
with kisses! He is a COLORADO dog through and through, we adopted him
while living in Vail and it seems his roots will never leave him! He
loves frolicking around in the woods on a long hind and using his nose
to propel him sledding down a hill when it snows! He is a big baby and
we couldn’t love him anymore!"

Michelle and her family also moved here last year from Tampa, Florida
and with them came their dog, Bohdi.

"Bodie was born in Peculiar, Missouri.  He has truly lived up to that
name.  He is always up for an adventure.  Besides stealing shoes,
riding in the car with the windows open is the joy of his life."

Sarah doesn't have a dog of her own yet, but her roommate's dog Molly
is an excellent stand-in until that time comes.

"I love Molly because she never says “no” to snuggles or walks. She
has a keen sense of when I need to be comforted most and is always
willing to spread her love both when I’m at my best and when I’m at my
worst. She’s 50lbs of adorable, and I love her to pieces."

And as for me, my fur-baby is also the shop dog, so some of you may
have met her. Her name is Frigg, and she just turned 6 last week.

I rescued her from West Virginia when she was 6 months old, and despite
it being beyond a cliche, I can't believe how fast time flies. Frigg
truly is my partner in crime, she goes everywhere with me and
genuinely prefers to be on the go instead of being left at home to
sleep. She's super calm, has never been a chewer, and rarely even
barks, but every now and then she gets a burst of energy and has what
we call a "berserkey" and runs around in fast circles, barking her
head off. I have to say, it is the greatest privilege in the world to
get to have her with me everyday, even while at work.


P.S. this wouldn't be complete without some photos of our visitors
over the years -- this isn't everyone, not even close, but we love
each and every doggo that comes through the door--and usually even
have a treat for them ❤️

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