A Valentine's Day Gift Guide


Among holidays, Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most engineered. Overtly geared towards consumerism, it’s hard to deny that the whole process can feel insincere. Know this: even the most anti-Valentine’s Day of women (or men!) still appreciate feeling special. Yes, it’s a day you are forced to express a sentiment, and yes, you really should express that sentiment regularly instead of just once a year, but the truth is, everyone gets caught up. Work, kids, car trouble, political turmoil, dinner indecision, the mess you haven’t cleaned up yet…it all adds up. A special day set aside to remind your partner that you love them can’t be all bad…

Gifts are great, and they're the standard, but we think you should strive to celebrate Valentine's Day with an experience together. Start the day by bringing your S.O. coffee in bed. Do something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t made time to do – go on the hike, check out the art exhibit, try the recipe your coworker raves about (or check here for inspiration).  Drink a beautiful wine together, and most importantly, toast to those really difficult moments when you chose love instead of easier feelings of anger or resentment. These are the gifts that will be remembered.

But, look, we get it. You’ve given and received a gift every year and, as great as an experience sounds, you don’t want this to be the year you let your person down. You certainly don’t want it to be the year you’re given a gift with nothing to exchange. We dig it, and we want to help! Below are some gift ideas for taking a sticky-sweet Hallmark holiday and making it special, making it your own, and getting a gift your person will not only love, but love to use.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 9.25.40 AM

S. Carter shows up on our blog and instagram a lot. We love these pieces and our customers do, too! Let me say just this one thing: you cannot go wrong with diamonds. (PSA: we just got a new shipment from S. Carter in, just in time for you to have the best Valentines selection 😉 )

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 12.34.08 PM

Diamonds not your thing? Fear not! We have a curated selection of jewelry available in the shop, including pieces from local Charlottesville and Richmond artists. These loomed bracelets have fast become an outfit staple for me! They are available in multiple sizes, and each pattern is unique 🔴🔷💛

Maybe you’ve gotten her a lot of jewelry over the years and it’d be nice for her to have something to put it in. Maybe you made a promise to keep things minimal this year. Maybe she’s an animal lover. Whatever your reasons, these small animal bowls from SKT ceramics are a no brainer.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 12.47.50 PM

Add a little love to the landscape! Sold as a set, these Love & Peace pillow shams from Pom Pom at Home are a Roxie Daisy mainstay, and she’ll be so glad to fluff the nest.


Timeless gifts are ideal. Jewelry she will wear forever, heirlooms or antiques that have special significance. You can’t beat gifts like that, but sometimes your lady just wants to be on-trend. These Primecut clutches will help her do just that!


For the new girlfriend, or the young couple, we just received a new shipment of Erin McDermott earrings! Now based out of Charlotte, NC, but an honorary Charlottesvillian to be sure, her jewelry adds a certain southern charm to any outfit.


A relatively new addition to our store, Provence Platters come from (you guessed it) Provence. They come as static platters or lazy susans and they are down. right. gorgeous. Not all the best gifts sparkle…

No matter what direction you go for Valentine’s, don’t forget to spread the love around. We all need a little extra love and kindness lately. Enjoy!


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