Renovating your bathroom is as essential as it is to mow the lawn. When thinking of doing some bathroom renovations, the shower is one of the items that an individual should consider changing or upgrading after being in use for some time. Are you looking to change your showers? There are tons of compelling options that an individual can go for in this case. The improved technology used around the globe places thermostatic showers at the top of the options list.

A thermostatic shower can be a piece of useful equipment for households and their suitability. A thermostatic mixer shower ensures a comfortable and safe showering experience which is the ultimate goal of every home. When using a thermostatic shower mixer, one can pre-set the water temperature to their comfort and maintain it without affecting the shower temperature. For instance, when one is using kitchen tap water, it doesn't affect the shower's temperature. Getting an expert to install the thermostatic shower mixer is advisable; however, an individual can do the installation using some simple instructions. This article outlines step-by-step instructions on installing a thermostatic shower mixer.

Tools Required

You will need various tools for different purposes. Some of these tools include a thermostatic shower mixer, pipe-wrench, spirit level, tile drill, tape measure, pencil, pipe cutters for copper and plastic pipe, adjustable spanner, and the showerhead.

Install a Thermostatic Shower Mixer


It is vital to ensure that a couple of things are accurately done when installing a thermostatic shower mixer. The following measures allow for a proper installation and avoid possible challenges with the shower mixer. First, ensure that the shower's cold and hot water feeds are on the side they are supposed to be before carrying out the installation. It is crucial to ensure that the feeds are on the correct sides since, for most of the thermostatic showers, the feed that indicates cold water should be on the right while the one showing hot water is on the left. It is necessary to contact a professional if the cold and hot water feeds are on the wrong side.

Turning off the water supply before starting the installation process or dismantling the old unit if you want to change your old showers is essential. Ensure you have all the tools and parts prepared for the connections. The installation instructions are available in the user manual; use them for the installation and store them well afterwards. Screw the s connectors, extend them about 42mm into the wall, and attach the escutcheons.

Additionally, modify the spacing to create a 150mm between the escutcheons and make the necessary adjustments to verify they are level. Tighten the mixer firmly upon installing, confirm horizontally level, and make adjustments if possible. After that, dismantle everything to identify the depth between the wall and s union connectors. Note that when doing a major home renovation, flushing of any contaminations of the water network before installing the thermostatic shower mixer to ensure that the mixer doesn't get any damages from the impure water is essential.

Installing the Thermostatic Mixer


  1. Using a thread seal tape (PTFE tape), seal the s union connector's thread and wrap it in the right direction, which is the tightening direction.


  1. Use a 22mm open-end wrench to tighten the s union connectors. You should adjust the connectors to ensure a 150mm space of centre to centre between the two connectors and the same depth, as identified using the previous measurement. Using a spirit level, ensure that the connectors are level.


  1. Between the eccentric connectors and the wall, make sure to apply a silicone seal.


  1. Fasten the escutcheons to the union connectors using screws. Ensure all filters are placed correctly after removing the blue and red caps from the mixer. The correct position should have the side that is rounded facing inside.


  1. Place the thermostatic shower mixer on the connectors without adding other seals to the s union connectors.


  1. Tighten the nuts using an open-end wrench of 32mm. It is vital to ensure they are connected firmly to prevent any leakages or weaknesses that may make them vulnerable to getting disconnected. To ensure the mixer is level, one can use a spirit level and make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance. To check for leaks at this stage, open the water supply and ensure the mixer is working correctly.


  1. Using a thermometer, check the water temperature. If the water temperature is 38 degrees Celsius when the handle guidelines up with 38 degrees Celsius pointer on the shower body, you won't need any adjustments. However, this may not always be the case, and an individual may need adjustments. If an adjustment is required, close the outlet of the water evacuation and remove the mixer's handle cover with the help of a flat-head screwdriver. Remove the handle after loosening the screw. After that, run the water to check if the water supply works properly.


  1. When adjusting the thermostatic cartridge, turn the black element that is notched until a 38 degrees Celsius temperature is obtained.


  1. Put the handle back with the guide showing 38 degrees Celsius.


     10. Put the cover back after screwing in the handle.


  1. Screw the end of the hose's seal onto the shower mixer upon ensuring that the seal is in the required position. This step is essential to ensure that the mixer is finally connected to the shower hose and functions correctly.


The thermostatic shower mixer installation is an easy task but requires a lot of keenness. There are many types of thermostatic shower mixers that an individual may go for when looking to change showers. The instructions of the installation process may differ according to the kind of mixer that individual purchases; however, this step by step instructions can still apply to the different types of mixers available. It is important to note that adhering to the safety precautions indicated in the user manual is crucial for your safety during the installation process.