When it comes to creating a bathroom you are proud of, you may think of a bright wall feature or stunning wicker baskets that will serve as a storage of all your bathroom bobs and bits. But, have you ever thought of the kind of shower mixer tap to use? Unsurprisingly, the kind of taps you select won't even cross your mind till the end of designing a bathroom.

Most people think a tap is just a tap. But, this isn't entirely true. Knowing the wall-mounted shower mixer taps to look out for a while shopping for bathroom utilities is ideal. The shower mixer taps are essential units that transform your bathroom into something you've desired for. The wall-mounted shower taps will make your bathroom look beautifully and effortlessly classy.

This post brings you the 10 best wall-mounted shower mixer taps. We solely focus on the best of the best. So, if you're looking for digital showers, then don't skip this guide.


Top 10 best wall mounted shower mixer taps in the UK 


HOMELODY Thermostatic Shower Mixer Bar 40℃ £138

You surely have to go a long way before beating the thermostatic shower mixer bar 40c from homelody. This superb wall-mounted shower mixer is known for its high quality and pocket-friendly feature. With this sleek shower mixer, you know you've got yourself a good product to enjoy showers throughout.

This thermostat unit promises to offer a good water temperature and volume as you use it, thanks to its temperature of 40c. So, if you have small kids, there is no need to worry about any accidental scalding. The homelody thermostatic shower mixer doesn't burst or even leak in a cold environment. Besides, it's resistant to any corrosion or high pressure. It is sure to last a lifetime, thanks to its high-quality brass.

It has a top spray that can be adjusted universally with different water outlet angles, which can be adjusted in different positions.



• Resistant to corrosion and high pressure.

• Its no-slip

• Easy to use

• A tight valve core

• No accidental scalding


• Not easy to install




 HOMELODY Shower Set Thermostatic with Overhead Rain Shower £147

The homelody shower set thermostatic with overhead rain shower is another great wall-mounted shower mixer tap that should not miss in your list. It has a safety lock feature at 40c to protect you from scalding hot water. Besides, it keeps the water temperature constant.

It is highly durable, thanks to its stainless steel shower rail. This rail can be extended to approximately 1240 mm, allowing adjustment of the rail as per your height. The main body of this shower mixer tap is brass which makes it resistant to higher temperatures and pressures.

Besides, the chrome material on its surface prevents corrosion and facilitates easier cleaning. Easier installation is a great point for this unit. You won't find it hard when installing, and within a short time, you will be good to start using your shower.


• Comfortable

• It has an adjustable shower rail

• It's easy to install

• It comes with a chrome finish

• It's safe for your family



• The shower rail can’t be adjusted to more than 1240 mm




 HOMELODY Thermostatic 40℃ Shower Mixer Bar Chrome £119

If you are looking for a shower mixer tap with a superb design, then the homelody thermostatic 40c shower mixer bar chrome is your choice. The temperature control of this unit is on another level, thanks to its automatic shutoff feature. The automatic feature will prevent sudden changes in water temperature and also prevent burns from hot water when the cold water is cut off.

With a safety button at 40, you are sure to enjoy your shower time without being scalded by hot water.

The main body of this unit is made of brass which prevents it from bursting or leaking during the extremely cold environment. Besides, the brass material makes this shower mixer tap to resist corrosion. The water will stay in the faucet without breeding bacteria with its bactericidal function.

The homelody thermostatic 40c shower mixer bar chrome has three water outlets for saturating, massage, and massage & saturating. With its adjustable top spray, you will be able to use the shower at different heights.

It also comes with a stainless steel shower tube which is corrosion free with a bright surface. The best thing about this shower mixer tap is that it can be used by any person, whether short or tall. So, it is ideal for all people.


• It comes with three outlets

• Durable

• Resistant to corrosion

• It does not leak during cold times

• Automatic water shutoff function

• Easily adjustable for any height



• It’s reported to crack after sometime by the users.




 AiHom shower set thermostat with 40℃ safety lock chrome £114

If you're looking for a shower mixer with a rotary knob, then the aihome thermostat is your option. The rotary knob enables one to switch from the shower head to hand showe1r. It has a chrome coating with a bright surface that resists stains and scratches.

With an adjustable shower pole, you'll be able to use this unit at all heights perfectly. Besides, its shower pipe can be easily swiveled right to the left, allowing you to stand at any position when showering, which is quite comfortable.

The aihome thermostat can corrode easily, thanks to its corrosion-resistant metal feature. Also, it is durable. With its metal fittings, it won't corrode due to weather changes. Its metal shell hose of 1.5m is flexible and light, allowing it to supply water to every part of your body.


• The metal fittings are bright, durable, and corrosion-resistant

• Automatic water shutoff function

• Adjustable shower pipe

• You can use the shower at different angles

• Durable rain spray


• Quite costly




 HOMELODY thermostatic rain shower £128

This is also another best shower mixer tap from homelody. What makes it stand out is its adjustable shower stand that enables you to use the shower in any position you see fit. Its non-slip metal handwheel gives you ample time while operating it.

Moreover, this unit is made of brass which prevents water from leaking during cold times. It's also resistant to any corrosion and is highly resistant to higher pressures. Thanks to its adjustable shower stand, you will be able to use the shower at any height you like. With a thick stainless steel shower pipe, this shower mixer is likely to serve you for a long time. It also comes with three showers.



• It has three functions

• Adjustable hand shower stand and height

• Durable

• Anti-corrosion shower pipe

• Non-slip handwheel



• Somehow expensive




 Homelody Luxury Large Square Brass Shower Mixer H59A with Storage Tray £278

This is a luxurious and modern shower system made by Homelody. It comes with a modern design, simple yet luxurious, to give your bathroom that superb look. The Homelody Luxury Large Square Brass Shower Mixer H59A adopts a removable installation technique and other methods to suit various bathroom requirements. This top-notch Homelody shower unit has a shower rod, hand, and head shower, and waterfall mixture to give you an unforgettable shower experience.



• Beautiful and modern design

• Good quality

• Durable

• The hand shower holder is flexible and adjustable



• Not easy to maintain




 HOMELODY Shower Mixer Bar Set 3 Jet with Shelf Chrome £107

This shower mixer tap comes with stainless steel and tempered glass that can be used for the bath additives like shampoo and shower gel. If you want a shower that doesn't take up a lot of space, then the homelody shower mixer bar set 3 jet with shelf chrome is a good choice.

It comes with three hand shower types where you choose the kind of shower you want; it can be massage, saturating, or both. With a shower hose of 150cm and 80cm of connecting pipe, you are able to shower at any angle.



• It can be used with the bath additive

• It does not take a lot of your bathroom space

• It has three different functions



• Not easy to install




 Homelody Chrome Riser Rail Mixer Shower for Bath Tap £128

The chrome riser rail mixer shower from homelody is an ideal wall-mounted shower mixer tap that is designed for high pressures. With its awesome design, it is indeed likely to give your bathroom a nice look. Moreover, it's easier to use and clean.

With a one-touch lock temperature at 40 c, the chrome riser rail mixer shower is safe even for your kids. If the core thermostatic valve fails, you may use the manual gear to adjust the temperature and continue using it.

The unit comes with two handles for adjusting temperature and a water separator for adjusting to the temperature you want. Also, its upper spray shower gives you ample time while using the shower. With its adjustable shower bar, you can adjust it to 1240mm to achieve the various height requirements.



• A lock temperature feature to regulate the water temperature

• It's convenient and easy to use

• Great design



• It’s reported to take more time while installing




 HOMELODY Shower Mixer Wall-Mounted Adjustable System with Overhead Shower Head £109

This is the only shower mixer tap that has an angular shower system with a robust metal texture. It is not only durable but also corrosion-resistant. As compared to the rotary switching mode, this Overhead Shower Head mixer switches water with just a push of the button, thus making it convenient and easier to use. Actually, this is one of the major reasons why the Overhead Shower Head is loved by many. It also comes with a connecting hose of 80cm, providing a wider range for the installation.


• Easy to clean and use

• Durable

• Corrosion-resistant

• Easier to install



• Not good when you want to adjust to your desired height




 AiHom Thermostat Shower Mixer Matt £178

The AiHom Thermostat Shower Mixer Matt winds up our best wall-mounted shower mixer taps. This is a stunning shower tap that is made of brass making it pressure-resistant, preventing any bacterial growth, and don't pollute the sources of water. With its shower pipe of stainless steel, it is sure to last a lifetime. Its shower pipe is also made of stainless steel, making it anti-corrosion. It has a safety lock at 40 ° C making it a safe shower to use.



• It's safer to use

• Three different outlet

• Durable

• It's corrosion-resistant



• Costly




Best Wall Mounted Shower Mixer Taps- Buying Guide


Before you decide to buy a wall-mounted shower mixer tap, there are a few things you ought to consider.


  • Design

Even though the above showers have the same purpose, their designs may vary. They come in various designs, surface-mounted showers or concealed behind the wall.


  • Pressure control

    While selecting the mixer valve, you have to consider if you can control water pressure or not. Some come without a water controller, so you should be keen on that.


  • Temperature control

    There are some shower mixer taps that come with one temperature lever that you lift and turn to your desired temperature. At the same time, some have a thermostatic cartridge to control water temperature. So, you should know the type you want before buying.


 Bottom Line

This brings us to the end of this guide. A shower mixer tap is of utmost importance in a bathroom setting. However, going for the best unit that is safe for your family is very paramount. The above are the best wall-mounted shower mixer taps in UK 2022. So, you just have to know your budget and go for your desired shower mixer tap.

People have different priorities, but whatever you have in your head, still the most important factor to consider is safety, especially if you have young kids using the shower. The mixer must offer protection to the family.